What Couples Should Look Out For In A Wedding Venue

“So where are you having your wedding?”, your friends and well-meaning relatives asked. “Maybe, the usual hotel” you answered. Then you realized it is a boring choice and you have just deflated their enthusiasm.

Why not try something different? After all, a great wedding journey starts with the right choice of venue.

1. Beautiful Scenery

BACC-Garden Wedding Background
Garden wedding held at BACC.

Couples should look for beautiful backdrops when choosing the perfect wedding venue. A scenery with “a wow factor” to impress your guests and to form the background of your wedding photographs.

2. Outdoor and Indoor Wedding Options

BACC_Outdoor Wedding
BACC has various indoor options in case it rains.

Couples love the idea of garden weddings. But unfortunately, the Malaysian weather can be unpredictable. It could rain even on a sunny day. Choose a venue with both outdoor and indoor options (in case it rains).

3. Wedding Perks!

BACC_Cuisine 1
We have several promotions lined up. Send us a message to find out.

Look for a wedding venue that provides you with wedding perks. Additional perks will help you to stretch your wedding budget.

Send us a message to find out about our latest promotion.

4. Adequate Space

BACC-Grand Ballroom
27,000 sq ft Grand Ballroom at BACC.

Are you planning to invite 200 or 2,000 guests? Be sure to ask if the venue has enough space to accommodate your guests.

5. Sufficient and Inexpensive Parking

BACC-Multi-level Car Park
We have ample parking spaces for up to 1,000 cars.

Certain venues have great wedding facilities, but the parking can be horrendous. You don’t want your guests to be late as they search around for parking spaces!

6. A Room For The Bride To Get Ready

BACC-VIP Couple Room
VIP holding room at BACC.

She wants to look her best on her special day. Make sure she has a special room surrounded by her family and friends.

7. Spacious Reception Area and Foyer

BACC-Wedding Reception Area
Spacious foyer at BACC.

Your guests will need some elbow room to mingle around. You don’t want them to feel cramped. Also, a spacious foyer can accommodate a pre-wedding cocktail.

8. Nearby Accommodations

Avenue Garden Hotel-Junior Suite
Avenue Garden Hotel is walking distance to BACC.

It is common to have friends and relatives traveling from out-of-town. After a long trip, you want them to be able to find hotel accommodations nearby. Preferably within walking distance.

9. Banquet Hall

State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment at BACC.

Do you plan to have a 12-piece band for the wedding? Will there be a “yam seng” toasting session on stage? Find out if the venue has the right stage size for this.

Your guests should have a clear view of the stage. The best choice is a pillarless hall, equipped with audio-visual systems and LED screens.

10. Good Food and Service

BACC-Cuisine 3
BACC offers you a wide selection of cuisine to suit your taste and budget.

The food is usually a memorable talking point for guests. Make sure you select a venue with good food and service, so everyone walks away happy.

The perfect wedding venue is waiting for you to discover. To customize a wedding theme according to your budget, talk to our wedding stylists today.

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